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Animals Clicker Unblocked is a type of idle clicker game where you can buy, grow, and sell animals to earn money. You can also collect their golden poo for extra cash. There are different types of animals to choose from, such as cats, dogs, cows, and more. You can play this game online on Classroom 6x


You can play Animals Clicker Unblocked with your mouse. Just click on the animals to collect their gold poo, which gives you money. You can also click on the buttons at the bottom of the screen to buy new animals, upgrade them, or sell them.

How to Play

To play Animals Clicker Unblocked, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Classroom 6x, a website that offers unblocked games for school.

  2. Search for Animals Clicker Unblocked in the search bar or find it in the clicker games category.

  3. Click on the game icon to start playing.

  4. Enjoy your zoo adventure!


Animals Clicker Unblocked is an idle clicker game that lets you manage your own zoo. You start with a few animals, such as a chicken, a cow, and a pig. You can click on them to collect their gold poo, which gives you money. You can use the money to buy more animals, such as a dog, a cat, a horse, and even a dragon. You can also upgrade your animals to make them bigger and more valuable. The bigger the animal, the more money you get from its poo. You can also sell your animals if you want to make some space or get some extra cash. The game has many levels and achievements to unlock, as well as a leaderboard to compete with other players.


Animals Clicker Unblocked is available on the following platforms:

  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)

  • Android


Some of the features of Animals Clicker Unblocked are:

  • Fun and addictive idle clicker gameplay

  • Cute and colorful graphics

  • A variety of animals to buy, grow, and sell

  • Many levels and achievements to complete

  • A leaderboard to rank your zoo


Here is a brief review of Animals Clicker Unblocked based on some pros and cons:


  • Easy and relaxing game to play

  • Suitable for all ages and tastes

  • No download or installation required

  • Unblocked and accessible from any device


  • Can get repetitive and boring after a while

  • No sound or music

  • No save or load option


Animals Clicker Unblocked is a fun and simple game that lets you create and manage your own zoo. You can buy, grow, and sell animals, collect their gold poo, and earn money. The game has cute graphics, many levels, and a leaderboard. However, it can also get monotonous and dull over time, and it lacks some features, such as sound, music, and save option. Overall, Animals Clicker Unblocked is a good game to play if you are looking for a casual and enjoyable time.


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