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Apple Worm Unblocked is a very popular game created by popular game company, which is a collector's game in which there is a worm in the shape of a snake, it is very hungry, so it has to eat food, this is how your missions are completed, this is a It is an unblocked game which you can easily play online for free without downloading with the help of Chromebook in school and college.

How to Play?


About Apple Worm Unblocked

Apple Worm Unblocked was created by bubblebox company which is a very famous company. This company has very popular games like raft war and raft war 2 and party thuns etc. This is also a great game, a total of 30 levels have been given in it, the difficulty of which is different. This game increases according to the level. You may find it challenging but it is not that challenging. Let us know its controls.

Controls of Apple Worm online game

Its controls are very simple, you can use the right arrow button to move forward, you can use the up arrow button to go up and the left arrow button to go back, you can use the down arrow button to go down. You can use arrows. When you are playing this game, you will feel the popular snake game and it is a similar game but its entire design is different and also the way of playing it and it is also not an endless game. Levels are given, let us know how to play it.

How to play Apple worm 

Apple Worm Unblocked is a logic puzzle arcade snake game in which you have to use your logic to get a good score. To play it, visit our website Classroom 6x, after which you go to the puzzle category or you can directly play the game. You can search the name after which you have to click on the game then the game will start after which you have to choose the level as soon as you choose the level and complete it the next level will start there are 30 levels which will give you a lot of fun. It can give you a lot of fun so enjoy this game


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