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Do you like games that involve treasure hunting or treasure hunting missions? Aqua Boy Unblocked is a fantastic deep-water treasure-hunting game. You can play this fun and awesome game easily on our website and we will provide you complete information about this game.

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About Aqua Boy Unblocked

Aqua Boy Unblocked is an underground water action game in which you fight with mysterious creatures. This game was published in 2013 and its publisher and creator is Duncan Fenn. Although it is a premium category game that is available in the online market. You have to buy it by paying money but you can play it for free on our website.

How to play Aqua Boy Unblocked

This is quite a challenging game and to play it you have to complete the missions in Sehar submerged in water.

Your hero Aqua Boy finds himself in trouble after one of his monkey friends is abused and left for dead in an underwater city. Now Aqua Boy's mission is to avenge his friend and rescue the treasure from an evil Albert. to prevent from

To play it, first of all you have to visit classroom 6x then search for Aqua Boy game then click on it after which the game will start then to play the game you have to use proper controls

To move auqaboy, you will have to use the WSAD button and to open the map in the game, press the M button. There are many types of items in it, use the Q and E buttons to select them. To open the door, press the spacebar. Use it and you can also use itom from spacebar, you can shoot using mouse and use C button to change controls.


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