Armed With Wings 2

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Armed with Wings 2 is an unblocked game which is the second game in the Armed with Wings series. There are total of 3 games out of which Armed with Wings Unblocked has already been published on our website and now we also offer you the second version of it. You can easily play these games online for free through our website.

How to Play?

About Armed With Wings 2 Unblocked

Armed with Wings 2 is a great popular online free game. It is an action-fighting game created by Sun Studio and published by Armor Games. This game has many modes which you can play and enjoy it. Also, the game's difficulty is You can choose the level, this game has amazing graphics, and you will get a good feeling, in this you fight with your sword.

Controls of Armed with Wings 2 unblocked game

It is very easy and fun to play, in this, you see a black shadow and the entire background is black, along with a shadow like a man with a sword, your enemy comes in front of you whom you have to kill and you can attack them with a special power.

use A for grab and C for special Attack
LEFT ARROW to left move
and S to attack with special power
and Up arrow to long jump
down arrow to stop


Action Survival


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