Paper io 2

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Today we are going to provide you the first version of 2 unblocked it is an online multiplayer game its second version we have already published on our website now you can play both games together online for free

How to Play?

About paper io 2 unblocked

paper io 2 unblocked is a game made of paper, this means that the characters made in it and the whole game is made of paper, in this you will get paper like a snake shape, which you have to eat all the objects and you always have to use other paper This game is developed by

In the paper io 2 game, you have been given the opportunity to change the version according to you, as well as you can choose many types of game modes in it like game mode
small map
fast speed
small map + fast speed
Slow Speed
Inverted Control And More

Also with 2 great modes, there is party mode and challenge mode available which you can play with your friends on a private server.

How to play paper io 2 unblocked

You can use the key according to what you
If you want to use the arrow key then you use the arrow key
Otherwise, you can use the WASD key




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