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Siegius Unblocked is a battle game. If you like Battle of Kings game then this game is made for you. It is a very popular and premium game which will be provided to you only on our website Classroom 6X. You can easily play it anywhere online. can access for free

How to Play?

About Siegius Unblocked

siegius unblocked game is a strategy game, its game is quite easy and fun, just like you must have heard the name of one of our most famous game Clash of Clans, in the same way this game is created by Max Games in 2011 and till now it has played millions of games. Attracted people towards you

How to play siegius unblocked

First of all you have to find this game on our website, then play the game, click on the new game button to start the game.

Then the battalions of two kings will be seen facing each other who have to fight. You will have to kill the battalion in front to defeat your opponent.

To fight, you will have to use the mouse and also use the WASD button. With the help of the mouse you can throw arrows and big stone balls and with the help of WSAD you can see the battalion in front.

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Siegius Unblocked By watching the gameplay video of the game, you can know about the game and what is ultimately there in the game. By watching the gameplay, you get more information in the game and it saves your time and the game gets better.




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