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1v1.LOL Free Online Game Play Now!

Play the most popular trending adrenaline-fueled building simulator 1v1 LOL battle royale game. Survive till the end with your friends. The winner is the last one standing

About 1v1 LoLBattle Royale Game

So are you ready to play your favorite battle royale game today we are going to provide you game 1v1.LOL Building Simulator Battle Royale Shooting Game is a third-person shooter game, you can play the most popular game online with all your friends without downloading or installing any application you can simply visit our website classroom6x, and play now, this game was created and published by JustPlay.lol, it was first released on 1 May 2020, and since then this game has gained a lot of fame online and left a different mark in the hearts of people

1v1.lol Battle Royale game has more than 80 million players and they are active every day. Join them in a battle royale and start an exciting match. Dive into the action. Join the lightning-fast battles and add your friends too. This game is addictive and challenging.

In the competitive online third-person shooter game 1v1 lol where you will maneuver your way around the map and build walls and rams as well as platforms to aid your defense and gain an advantage the game is won by the one who survives at the end of your whole team if playing with friends

1v1.LOL Battle Royale GamePlay & Tips and Tricks Become a Champion

We cover what you can expect from the game, the gameplay, game mechanics, difficulty, level progression, and how fun it is, plus give you some tips and tricks to help you stick it out to the end and become a champion.

GamePlay: 1v1.LOL Champions You can see event promotions, your character, weapons, armor, LOL boxes, and many different modes in its gameplay. You can also make purchases according to your wish, such as emotes, shooting guns, clothes, stickers, cosmetic items, etc. To take the old great skin of your character to a bigger and new level, you can look towards COLLECTIBLES AND LOL PASS passes. In this, you can take a LOL pass, which gives you champion skin i.e. your player's skin, limited-time weapon skin, stylish pickaxes, emotes, and stickers that can be personalized. Season pass is for a limited time in which you get some cosmetics.

Tips and Tricks

  • To become a champion in this, you play multiplayer mode which will include human mythological creatures and mechanized bodies. Collect LOL boxes to upgrade your player and dominate your opponents in the Battle Royale game.

  • Keep your favorite character equipped with weapons to register your victory, wear protective armor, and keep customizing them. In this shooting gun game, you can increase your rank by making trophy rods, unlock new gargoyles, and increase your arsenal. You can find surprises in it. Build amazing structures. This game requires a lot of in-game building skills to play

  • Play 1v1 Clash mode and unleash your competitive skills in thrilling gameplay and face off against skilled opponents in a variety of maps designed to test your abilities and pure competitive action

  • Play with your friends, create a team, and join duo mode also 16 player party is best for endless gaming, if you want to become a champion in a 1v1 LOL battle royale game, you can play custom modes that will keep you engaged in online battle royale game for last endless hours

How to play 1v1.LOL Battle Royale Shooting Game with Detailed Controls

How to Play: To survive in this game you have to survive till the last and it also depends on which turn you choose. You have to shoot and build. If you want to survive in this game, you have to shoot with your gun as well as build building blocks. Be strategic and think quickly. You have to be strategic at a very advanced level in this and use all your skills. If you do not play it carefully then you will lose the game.

Detailed Controls


  • W: Move forward

  • A: Move left

  • S: Move backward

  • D: Move right

  • Spacebar: Jump

  • Left Shift: Crouch


  • Left Mouse Button: Shoot/Attack

  • Right Mouse Button: Aim down sights

  • R: Reload


  • Z: Wall

  • X: Floor

  • C: Ramp

  • V: Pyramid

  • F: Edit build

  • G: Confirm edit


  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: Select a weapon or build tool

  • Q: Switch to last used weapon/build tool

  • Tab: Open inventory

  • Esc: Open menu/pause game

1v1.LOL Games Modes

There are many types of game modes available in this game, some are practice mode and some are battle royale mode, let's know about all of them

  • The first game mode is BR DUOS, in which you can play Battle Royale with two and two 2v2 players

  • In 1v1 clash mode, in this mode, you can play Battle Royale with one champion

  • Box 2v2 In this mode you can play Box 2 by 2 with two champions

  • Apart from these, some modes are also available like Just Build, in which you can improve your abilities by practicing like building.

  • Aim Trainer, this is also a game mode which is a mode within a mode, it is called Core Mode in which you can increase your aiming ability.

  • Party mode, in this mode you can create a private game and also play the game with your friend.

LOL Ball

  • Unique 4v4 Team Mode: Compete in this exciting mode where the key to victory is holding the ball the longest. Coordinate with your team to outmaneuver your opponents and secure the win!

Zero Builds

  • Pure Shooting Skills: Enter the battlefield without the ability to build. This mode is all about showcasing your shooting prowess and strategic use of your Champion's abilities. No building, just pure combat.

4v4 Team Dog-tag

  • Collect Dog Tags: Engage in intense 4v4 battles where each eliminated enemy drops a dog tag. Collect these tags to score points for your team and dominate the leaderboard!

Warzone Battle Royale

  • Classic Battle Royale: Dive into the iconic Battle Royale experience. Skydive into the map, scavenge for weapons and resources, and fight to be the last player or team standing. Everyone starts on equal footing—no head-starts, just skill and strategy.

Features of 1v1.LOL

Let's know about the features, this game has great features

  • Inviting your friends for a private match

  • Facility for people, you can also buy custom items it, the store is available

  • Facility to practice, aiming and building can be done separately

  • Facility of customization controls is also available, you can customize the controls as per your requirement

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