Whack Your Boss

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We saw about the “whack your boss unblocked” game on google this game is not available on many websites so we thought why not bring this famous and favorite game for you on our website you can easily download whack your boss unblocked game on our website and can play with


What Is whack your boss unblocked Game

About whack your boss unblocked game published on our website whack your boss which is available on our website is a ruffle-made game that is very good whack your boss is a simple beat-the-boss game that is for school kids In this you have to use your sense of humor and find some hidden things, it will satisfy your mind, tell you this is a cartoon game which you can play easily on our website.

whack your boss you know by its name what is going to happen in this game it’s an amazing game kill your boss whack your boss as much as you can with your computer

By playing this game, you can get rid of the tiredness of the day and take out all your anger on your boss and beat your boss in this game to release your hopeless inner energy, for which you can adopt 24 ways.

How to play whack your boss unblocked

The game can be played in your web browser and on all your mobile devices in one Android app or iOS

Left-click to select an object.

Left mouse button: Whack

Right mouse button: Pause the game.

Spacebar: Whack

Esc key: Pause the game.

Number keys 1-9: Select a weapon.

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