Athletic Games

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Athletic Games is a sports online web game which is an unblocked game in which all types of Athletic Games are present. To make your record in this great game, you can easily play it online for free on Classroom 6X.

How to Play?

As you might know that athletic games is a group of sports games which includes all the athletic games, although it is a physical game which people love to play physically but it is also very much liked online which is created by TrezGames. In this, you can play different types of games like dash 100 meter race, long jump, hurdlers, dash 400 meter race, shot put, high jump, discus, dash 800 meter race, pole vault, javelin, all the games are available. You can play these games online on laptop and You can easily play it in school and college with the help of a browser on MAC. In this game you can make a record of yourself. It is a great and fun game.

How to play Athletic Games Unblocked

The controls of this game are very easy, like if you are racing then use left right arrow and if you are throwing something then use spacebar, along with this you have been told about the controls in the game.




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