Axis Football League

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Axis Football League Free Online Game Play Now!

Axis Football League Unblocked is a very wonderful and excellent football game in which you can play a season with your favorite team and create your own team. In a season you can play a total of 12 games which will be of 12 halves and only 8 till the last week. Only the team that will be on top will survive. This is an American football game that you can easily play online through our website Classroom 6X. This is an unblocked game that you can access anywhere.

How to play Axis Football League

To play this game, you have to select the mode in the game like Quick Game, New Season, Load Season and you can see your score in Achievement. To read the rules of the game, you click on Rules. To start the game, you Choose the team of your choice, all the teams will be unlocked but some teams are unlocked after completing the entire game. In the beginning you have to select 2 teams, then you choose the difficulty level of the game and start the game, after which you have to choose your side. You get a total of 5 minutes for a game. In this time, you can play the game as much as you want. To play the game, you use the mouse and the mouse button as well as the ASWD button and the spacebar button. By using these, you can play this game easily.


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