Badminton League

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Badminton League Unblocked is a great game, in this you can play badminton online sitting at home, you just have to go to our website Classroom 6X and with the help of your Chromebook you can access this game anywhere, it is a free fun game . In this you can choose the character of your choice and in this you are given 2 game modes, the first is training mode in which you can train and the second is match mode, along with this you also get power option which has 3 forms, the first is Illusion and second is time. Slow is the third, Speed Burst is the fourth, Super Smash is all these power modes have their own different characteristics, you can enjoy each match by choosing all of them, and you can choose different types of balls in this game and Its last and great feature is that you can choose the venue as per your choice, it can become a good companion for your entertainment for hours.

How to Play?

To play this game, you will have to understand these controls carefully. We are telling you all the controls step wise. You can go left with A, you can go right with D, you can jump high with L, you can shoot with K. Can shoot higher with J




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