Banana Bread demo

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Banana bread demo unblocked is an online very amazing FPS action 3D game in which you shoot with a great gun in 3D mode and the attackers also attack you with the gun and try to knowkdown you, it is very difficult that you Avoid them so it is not only fun but also a challenging game, in this you are given 5 levels, each level becomes more difficult than the previous one, as you clear the first level, the second one becomes more difficult, so it is great and Each level has its own unique specialty and their name. This is a bit like PUBG Free Fire 1v1 LOL Roblox Play. Since this is an FPS first person shooter game, hence in this you have the first level named Arena in which one team fights with the other team which is random. And both can be custom and at level 2 you can play with two players with your friends, along with this there are three more experimental levels which you can also try.

How to Play?

To play this game you have to use WSAD keyboard buttons, with the help of these buttons you can move the character.
And use the mouse to shoot, and if you want to change the weapon, use buttons 1 to 5.
Use 0 or ` buttons to change main menu settings.
You can play this game on desktop


Action 2 Player 3D FPS


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