4th and Goal 2014

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4th and Goal 2014 Unblocked is the most popular American football game. This game is developed by glowmoney and it is the 4th game of 4th and Goal series. If you want to access all the unblocked games of this series then you can visit our website Classroom 6X and You can enjoy these games


About 4th and Goal 2014 Unblocked

4th and Goal 2014 is definitely an unblocked game but it does not mean that it is a different game, in this you get to see 2 game modes, single game and playoff mode along with single game (also called champion game mode), you can choose one of the two modes. You can play the game It is a sport soccer game and one of the best soccer game of 2014

How to play 4th and goal 2014

To play this game, the player must select a game mode and then choose the teams they want to play with. The player then controls the quarterback and must attempt to lead his team to a touchdown.

To throw the ball the player has to swipe upwards. The player can also tap the screen to select a receiver before throwing the ball. The player must swipe left or right to run with the ball. The player can also slide by swiping down.

To defend, the player must control the defensive players. The player can move defensive players by swiping around the screen. The player can also tackle the ball carrier by swiping down twice.

Controls for this game

You can easily play this game in your desktop by using these controls and enjoy this game.

  • Swipe left to move the quarterback left.

  • Swipe right to move the quarterback right.

  • Swipe up to throw the ball.

  • Swipe down to slide.

  • Tap the screen to select a receiver.

  • Double-tap the screen to throw a quick pass.

  • Tap and hold the screen to throw a deep pass.

  • Swipe down twice to slide tackle.


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