Bad Time Simulator

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Bad Time Simulator Free Online Game Play Now!

bad time simulator unblocked is a great fighting skill game in which you fight with sans, in this you are in the form of a heart and sans attacks you, you have to protect your heart from enemy attacks and it is not that easy. It is full of challenges if you have to defeat sans then you have to use all your skills. In this game sans is shown to be a noble species which is a skilled warrior. You have to survive from them and follow their actions to keep your heart alive. You have to avoid constant attacks. It is a fun game and its music is also amazing. You can easily play Time Simulator game online for free on Classroom 6X. It is an unblocked game which you can play anywhere without downloading.

To play this game, first select the game mode which is called BAD TIME in this game. As soon as you select BAD TIME, the game will start.
You can use your keyboard to play this fun game
Use these buttons to run it
Use the arrow keys and WASD to move.
Press the Enter or Z key to select your worst time.
Press X to go back.
Press the up and down arrow keys to move the heart shape to the options you want to select your bad time.


Simulation Skill