Raft Wars

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Raft Wars Free Online Game Play Now!

Today we are providing you a game that comes in the list of premium games absolutely free of cost Raft Wars Unblocked, which is a very funny & Shooting game, this game is made by Bubble Box and it is available on our website which you can Play Now easily

Raft Wars Unblocked is a fun and addictive shooting game that you can play online for free. In this game, you have to help Simon and his brother defend their treasure from the greedy pirates, vikings, and other enemies. You can use your mouse to aim and fire different projectiles, such as tennis balls, rockets, and grenades. You can also upgrade your raft and weapons to make them more powerful and durable. The game has many levels with different challenges and environments. You can also play the multiplayer mode where you can compete with other players online only on classroom6x

What is Raft Wars Unblocked

As told to you Raft Wars Unblocked is a shooting game in which you have to fight like a pirate sitting in a boat in which there are 2 teams, one in front which is anime and you have to shoot them with your gun with cannon which will increase your score. and your new level will be unlocked

Raft Wars Unblocked is somewhat similar to Angry Birds but it is not complete because it is a shooting pirate game that has 2 characters, he goes on his quest, and his quest can change his whole life.
You can upgrade your weapons like grenades and missiles in Raft Wars Unblocked. Enjoy the game. It’s completely free on our website.

How to Play Raft Wars Unblocked

You have to use the mouse to play it

Mouse aims – click to shoot
As soon as the game starts you have to load your gun and aim at the enemies in the boat in front of you and destroy them

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