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Have you played scary games on our website like Granny, FNAF, Abandoned, a similar game or an even scarier game, today we will provide you which has got fame by the name of Backrooms Game. This is an unblocked game if you like horror games. So, this is the most fun game among them, in this you hear a sound like a scare, its tune is something like "La La La La La La La La La La." To survive in this game, you have to run continuously and you have to run all around. Rooms will be visible in which you have to hide, some places are dark and other places have lights on, in this you get three game modes, the first is wakeup mode in which there is classic mode, deaf mode, free mode, then you can see its horror in each mode. You can choose the level, you are given different time for each mode and level, that much time you have to stay in this game and survive and complete this game, like in some mode you get 5 minutes and in some mode you get 10 minutes. You can easily play this game online for free on our website Classroom 6x

How to Play?

To play this game, you will have to use the ASWD button and along with it, you will also have to use the mouse and to escape from the nightmare, you will have to keep running. If you feel that your player is panting, then understand that you have been caught.


Survival Horror


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