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Browman Unblocked is a flash game that is based on the original Bowman game. It has a wide range of different features and is incredibly addictive. To successfully destroy your opponents, you need to use the correct shooting decision. The most damaging shot for a character is a headshot, followed by a shot to the chest. All other parts of the body are less harmful. You can play Browman Unblocked online on Classroom 6x

How to Play?


The developer of Browman Unblocked is unknown, but the original Bowman game was created by Addicting Games, a company that produces flash games for web browsers.

Release Date

The release date of Browman Unblocked is also unknown, but the original Bowman game was released in 2004.


Browman Unblocked has simple and intuitive controls. You just need to drag your mouse across the screen to adjust the trajectory, angle, and power of your shot. When you release the mouse button, you fire your arrow. You can also use the arrow keys to fine-tune your aim.

How to Play

To play Browman Unblocked, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to a website Classroom 6x , hosts Browman Unblocked,

  2. Click on the game icon to start the game.

  3. Choose the game mode you want to play: Practice, Player vs Player, or Player vs Computer.

  4. If you choose Player vs Player, you need to have another player with you. You can take turns using the same mouse and keyboard.

  5. If you choose Player vs Computer, you need to select the difficulty level: Easy, Medium, or Hard.

  6. The game will start with a random terrain and wind direction. You will see your character on the left side of the screen and your opponent on the right side.

  7. Use your mouse to aim and shoot your arrows. Try to hit your opponent as many times as possible before they hit you.

  8. The game will end when one of the players loses all their health points or surrenders.


Browman Unblocked has a simple yet challenging gameplay. You need to consider the wind direction, the distance, and the gravity when you shoot your arrows. You also need to be careful not to hit yourself or the birds that fly across the screen. You can earn bonus points by hitting the birds or making headshots. You can also use the walls and the ground to bounce your arrows and hit your opponent from different angles. The game has a realistic physics engine that makes the arrows behave differently depending on the factors mentioned above. The game also has a blood effect that shows the damage done by the arrows.


Browman Unblocked is a flash game that can be played on any web browser that supports Adobe Flash Player. You can also play it on your mobile devices by using a flash-enabled browser, such as Puffin Browser.


Browman Unblocked has the following features:

  • Three game modes: Practice, Player vs Player, and Player vs Computer

  • Three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard

  • Random terrain and wind direction

  • Realistic physics engine

  • Blood effect

  • Bonus points for hitting birds and headshots

  • Option to surrender


Browman Unblocked is a fun and addictive game that tests your skills and accuracy. It is a great game to play with your friends or by yourself. It has a simple design and a smooth gameplay. However, it also has some drawbacks, such as:


  • Easy to play and learn

  • Challenging and entertaining

  • Suitable for all ages

  • Free and accessible


  • Requires Adobe Flash Player

  • May not work on some browsers or devices

  • May be violent or graphic for some users

  • May be repetitive or boring after a while


Browman Unblocked is a game that you should try if you like archery games or shooting games. It is a game that can keep you engaged and entertained for hours. It is also a game that can help you improve your concentration and coordination. However, it is also a game that may not appeal to everyone, especially those who are sensitive to violence or blood. It is also a game that may not work on some platforms or devices. Therefore, you should check the compatibility and the content of the game before you play it.




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