Overkill Apache

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Overkill Apache Unblocked is a most popular premium game which we are providing online for free. It is the first helicopter game published on our website. It is a great game which you can easily play on our website Classroom 6X.

How to Play?

Overkill Apache Unblocked is an action slide scrolling game that was created and published by Playerthree Limited, in which you get to play a battle theme in which you fight with a military during a war, with the help of your helicopter you have to attack other people. Like you have to avoid and respond to the attacks of tankers and army and other helicopters, you get three lives in one inning in which you have to execute your mission, so now you can enjoy this game.

How to play Overkill Apache

It is challenging to play but not that difficult to handle
You can shoot with the help of spacebar and move the helicopter back and forth with the help of up down left right arrow.




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