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About 3 Slices Unblocked game Online free

3 Slices Unblocked is a simple popular game, in which you are provided 20 levels from easy to difficult. Each level has its own challenges which you have to cross with your brain and intelligence. You have to cut a slice shaped shape and cut it into three pieces. You have to reach a target, there are no controls, you can easily play it with the help of mouse.

How do you make cuts in this game?

You have to keep many things in mind to make the cut at the right place so that it becomes easier for you to make the cut and you can pass each level easily.

  • View item size and shape

  • Look at the color and weight of objects

  • Observe the position and angle of objects

  • See the direction and speed of gravity

  • Look at the number of cuts you have left.

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