Arcane Weapon

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Arcane Weapon is an online action unblocked game. It is a fun popular game that you can easily play online on our website. It has many game elements with the help of which you can enjoy more in this game. Let us know more about it.

About Arcane Weapon unblocked

Arcane Weapon Unblocked is an action survival fighting game in which you attack a monster. To attack, you have many types of new weapons like acid, cold, fire, lightning, poison, or thunder. Attack as much as you can and give damage. There are many features available in this game. This is a fun game that has been created and published by Box10. You can easily play this game on a computer and laptop without any interruption. You can play it online for free on the website of Classroom 6X. it's very easy to play

Control for this game

Use your mouse to select everything and attack


Action Survival